Why you need to invest in your health (even when you think you can’t afford it)

If this title resonates with you, take time to read this whole blog post. I want to share an experience with you, that could help you change your mindset. I struggled for so many years with my health, I struggled before I even knew I was struggling. You know what I mean, when you think what you feel is normal!.

In my younger years that was migraines, bad skin, constipation and probably if I’m really honest with myself some mental health challenges mildly like OCD.

Then in my 20’s came the bad back, I’m talking about my lower back, I felt like I needed to bend forward ALL the time to release it, I was in pain a lot. Colds I couldn’t shake off, reoccurring ulcers and thrush.

Then once I had Children and was in my 30’s my gosh the constant fatigue hit, then came palpitations, dizziness, not being able to wake up and stay awake, feeling so down like I needed to cry all of the time. The lower back pain crept up to my middle, then upper back and even my shoulders with tendonitis multiple times and calcium deposits. I was moody, impatient and had lost the joy along with with patience.

By this point I knew it wasn’t normal even though my Doctor couldn’t find anything wrong and I was in pain physically, mentally and emotionally.

But looking back I can see my pain was a gift.

Humans will stay in their comfort for a pretty long time until it gets too uncomfortable to stay there. That’s usually the time most people are ready for change, to move away from pain, seriously I wish it was easier sometimes.

Back to the gift, that discomfort made me change and boy on the other side of that change was a life I couldn’t imagine back then. Being pain free, having my energy back and if you are a parent like me I’m sure you’ll appreciate it when I say, best of all having my patience back. You know what, that has just helped every relationship. Being kind, joyful and patient attracts good things to you and your family love to be with you. My marriage got better, I was no longer snappy and angry with my Husband, I was able to teach my Children better instead of feeling like I was at breaking point when they would have yet another argument.

One reason I stayed in that pain for so long was I thought I didn’t have the money to invest in myself, I wasn’t working at the time and my Husband’s salary had to provide for the whole family. It felt selfish to say I needed extra money for me and to put that pressure on him, I was already so grateful for the way he provided for us.

But I took a deep breath and asked for a heart to heart and explained that I felt trapped with my health and I didn’t know how to change it alone and felt I needed help, expert help. I also said I thought it wasn’t extra money we needed to spend but I saw it as an investment, an investment into longevity (we both want to be around for our kids) an investment into happiness (so I could be out of pain), an investment to feel my energy return, an investment into my mental health I was sick of mood swings, anxiety and feeling low, an investment now as an insurance against future ill health and possible, even probable, sick time. As I didn’t work, it would be time he would need to take off sick not me, if I couldn’t look after the Children which would be even more of a financial burden. That money he earned would go somewhere and if it wasn’t on my health, it might be on a takeaway, a bottle of wine or a family day out. He loves me, he wanted the best for me, how could he not agree.

So we didn’t have the money as such, we used our resources (aka credit cards, I wasn’t as resourceful back then) and started that journey. For me that included seeing a private Doctor but that didn’t help, seeing Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and massage therapists and it all helped but only short term. What I didn’t know then was that I hadn’t got to the root cause of my pain and health challenges, I was just managing the symptoms. When I invested into a nutritionist as a last resort that all changed.

In fact I actually started to save money then which was unexpected. I know it’s so often thought that healthy eating is expensive and I agree a fresh juice is more expensive than a milkshake. But there is another side to consider, when I cut back on coffee shop stops, bottles of wine and convenience meal and replaced that with fresh fruit and veg and more real foods, my shopping bill actually went down.

I looked at that gym membership I wasn’t really using enough and wondered if that money could be better spent. I looked through my outgoings for cracks with memberships I wasn’t really using. Was I making my Children go to a club that honestly they were not enjoying? Did I have expensive nights out with friends that I could cut back on just whilst I was focussing on my health? The answer was yes and I changed my priorities.

Another amazing thing happened when I got my energy back. I was able to work more and earn more and pay back that money I had invested in my health. It filled me with pride to see a recent participant of my 12 week Exhausted to Energised Method, have the same realisation after completing the course. After gaining energy and confidence she knew she could run her own business again and she is taking on private coaching clients instead of feeling drained working in a job she didn’t like.

You know what I also invested in when we spent that money on nutrition, we invested into our families health. I learnt so much, I was making better decisions for everyone in the family. My Son’s fussy eating got better, his annual winter cough disappeared, my Daughter’s never ending runny nose stopped running and my Husband’s dry skin seemed to visibly shed for the last time. We were all feeling happier, more positive and more energetic.

So if you feel you can’t afford to invest in your health, ask yourself what is the real cost of you staying stuck? Relationships suffering, you not giving your best to work (or even not being able to work), your longer term health, you missing the joy of having the energy to play with your children, the physical pain of illness?

Ask yourself honestly, is it worth reassessing your priorities to find the money to invest in yourself? Instead of thinking I can’t afford it, ask yourself ‘how can I afford it?’. You could really think outside of the box and sell something to raise funds like some tech you no longer use or things your Children have grown out of. You could ask family to pool money together for your Birthday to help you invest or offer to help a friend with some help with ironing or babysitting to top up your cash fund. Maybe you even have the money in savings but are keeping it for a rainy day, well maybe your health is that rainy day.

Let me just assure you, just as Jennifer Anniston once said, you ARE worth it! and your health IS worth it.

Ready to invest in your health now? Contact me here and I’ll tell you how I can help you now you are ready.

Strap yourself in and get excited to see CHANGE!!!

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