Why are you ill?

Plants are amazing, you just look at a plate of colourful vegetables and it just looks so appealing and beautiful. The vast array of vitamins and minerals that we need are all provided for us by nature in the most delicious and convenient form.

I grew up on a standard British diet, sausage and mash, shepherds pie, fish and chips all served along with vegetables but we didn’t have vegetables as the main dish. I even went on a Paleo diet for a while (simple explanation is a grain free diet) so you eat loads of vegetables and also lots of high quality meat. I looked good on this diet but I didn’t feel good.

It’s only since I started to study nutrition that I found plant-based eating is the quickest way to heal…..yep it’s that simple. Plants and all of their power, vitamins and minerals are the quickest way to heal any health problem. Meat is acidic (too much acidity weakens the body’s immune defenses, which increases risks for infections and also contributes to chronic diseases) and very slow to digest so therefore, uses up much of your energy stores so there is less energy for any healing that needs to take place. I know that I certainly suffered from constipation, gas and sluggish digestion my whole life!

I read a very powerful book about 4 years ago, called The China Study written by Dr Colin Campbell, it was the largest comprehensive study of human nutrition ever conducted. It concluded that animal protein promotes the growth of cancer. The study included 367 variables, 65 counties in China, and 6,500 adults (who completed questionnaires, blood tests, etc.). “When we were done, we had more than 8,000 statistically significant associations between lifestyle, diet, and disease variables.” Also incorporated was a wealth of additional research data from other sources. It concluded that Heart disease can also be reversed and a whole foods, plant-based diet, may also help protect you from diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases, bone, kidney, eye, and brain diseases. People who ate the most animal-based foods got the most chronic disease. People who ate the most plant-based foods were the healthiest”.

The information from this book and what I’d learnt through studying nutrition made me question why I was eating meat AND giving it to my Children! You can’t un-know this information. Do you remember in 2015 when it hit the news that the World Health Organisation had confirmed that processed meats (like bacon, sausages and ham) cause cancer, and that red meat is ‘probably carcinogenic” which means it has the potential to cause cancer. Maybe you don’t remember that, it was huge news that everyone seemed to forget.

Only a tiny percentage of the population buy organic meat and if you aren’t buying organic, animals are treated badly, really badly, meat is pumped full of hormones, antibiotics, carbon monoxide (it’s used on packaged meats to stop them discolouring), hormones, pesticides, arsenic (is fed to some chickens) and they are fed an unnatural and cheap diet, which in turn you eat.

I am not a vegan as I like to keep things fluid and do what is right for me at the time. At the moment, eating plant based makes me feel great and I do this around 80 of the time now. That other small percentage gives me flexibility. I am not trying to convince you to become vegan but I am trying to give you some information on why eating more plant-based will be amazing for you. Maybe you could start with two plant-based days a week for example. Now is a great time, have you seen the explosion in vegan offerings, it’s an exciting movement.

I honesty believe that eating more plant based lets you become higher vibe, you know, not slow, low energy and negative but full of vitality and with the energy to share with everyone. So, I became higher vibe and then other amazing things started to happen, other issues to do with animal cruelty and environmental preservation started move onto my radar…….I just hadn’t even considered it before! The facts are astounding, we really can make a HUGE difference to our planet in ways you may not even have considered if YOU eat more plant based. I’ve taken the below image from the www.cowspiracy.com website, great film by the way, PLEASE just have a read of some of these facts.

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Wishing you health and happiness

Hannah x

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