What’s all this moon talk?

Hey you…how are you doing today?

If you are reading this in real time, we have just past that super blue blood moon and if you found that time challenging, you should be feeling a bit better now.

So, I’ve always been a fan of simply admiring the moon but I didn’t start to get more in touch with lunar cycles until I started to study naturopathic nutrition. That’s because we look to sync with nature in the way that we live, eg with the seasons, so life feels easier and the transitions between the season’s become seamless.

As you will know, the moon is so powerful it controls our tides and as we are between 50-78% water (depending on age), of course, the moon effects us too. Some people have tuned in already and noticed they may feel more hungry around certain times of the month (especially women) or more angry perhaps. This is because the moon has a push and pull effect on our bodily fluids.

If you are healthy, well hydrated and living in sync with nature then the lunar cycles won’t have too much effect on you. If, however, you are dehydrated or your electrolytes are out of balance than the full moon can cause aggravation in the nervous system and cellular tissue. I run a moon group (currently via WhatsApp, send me a PM on FB if you want me to add you) and have lots of reports of restless sleep or problems going to or staying asleep around the full moon. For me personally, I need to increase my intake of magnesium as I get really achy around a full moon otherwise. For others it effects their mental state hence the link of the word luna to lunatic.

Our body’ss hold onto more vitamins and minerals around a full moon, so this is an ideal time for Women to have their period, so they do not feel too depleted. In my experience, this happens naturally when a Women’s hormones are well balanced and their magnesium levels are healthy. For Men, if they are low on vitamins and minerals then the increased testosterone around a full moon can lead them to become lethargic and act out of character. So, it’s a perfect time for men to spend alone and this helps to avoid arguments. Women then have the opportunity to spend quality time bonding with other women.

Here’s some idea’s to start connecting with the moon, I love to moon bathe by walking in moonlight or sleeping with the blinds open. We need the moon, just like we need the Sun and it’s light is energising. It’s a powerful time be with other Women to let go of what we don’t need and take the time to forgive anything that needs forgiving as well. I write a gratitude list, send blessings to those who need it and then have fun burning it all. Sometimes I meditate or have a epsom salt bath too. I also try to avoid things that don’t suit me at this time as you take on more of the toxicity.

Following a full moon the moon starts to look smaller each day and this is the waning phase. It’s when we are starting to naturally detox and this is a good time to start clearing out mentally, emotionally, physically or even your possessions. The cells are clearing toxins and our appetites start to lessen.

The new moon/dark moon is when we can no longer see the moon in the sky. We are are our least absorbent, so it’s a great time to fast or detox as we feel much less hungry anyway. If you know any cleansing techniques that help the detox process, even as simple as body brushing, this is an excellent time to do it. It’s also a wonderful time to set new intentions or start a new habit’s as they have a stronger effect. I take a break from my supplements for a day or two, so my body has more energy to cleanse.

Moving onto the waxing the moon, as the moon is starting to growing bigger once again we are also starting to absorb more. We should be taking more nutrients and supplements as our fluids are increasing, until we reach the peak of this phase which is the full moon again. This process repeats every month and the word month is originally linked to the word moon.

So is this all sounding a bit woo woo?, I’ve actually found it incredibly practical as in reality, do we make the time every month to forgive people that we think have upset or even forgive ourselves? Do we make the time to set new intentions? These are all important things that help keep us in balance, focused on what’s important and even appreciating the things we can easily take for granted. I compare it to planning for the weather, if you forget your umbrella when it rains, it is a little inconvenient. The same goes for checking the lunar cycle, you’ll get through the day without checking in but it may have been made a bit easier or more enjoyable if you had synced with the lunar cycle and planned for it.

I’m really enjoying these new experiences, let me know your experiences so far and if this interests you?

Wishing you health and happiness

Hannah x

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