What happens at a consultation?

If you keeping doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result, so change is good when it comes to improving you health……..

It’s incredibly powerful when you deicide to take control of your own health and I can help you to make sense of your past health history and what has lead you to where you are today. I will help guide you through the minefield of what is available to get back to good health. If you have no idea what would happen at a consultation, let me walk you through the details:

Before we meet I send you a series of consultation forms to complete, finding out more about you, your current symptoms, your health history and that of your family. I also get you to complete a food diary and find out about your lifestyle. All of these things help paint a picture about your life and why you may be experiencing symptoms. I ask you to return these before we meet, as I like to spend the time investigating why you are ill and how best to treat you even before you arrive.

Our meeting is informal and it’s a great time for me to find out much more about you and what your goals are with your health. We can talk about changes that are manageable for you and that you can fit into your lifestyle. You get to ask any burning questions, look at the bigger picture of your health and we start to build a relationship together.

The consultation is for 90 minutes and stage one of your plan will be around hydration and diet, depending what your current diet is like stage one could even take place over a few months. This ensures the steps are manageable and I introduce changes slowly so you are more likely to stick to them. By the time we reach adulthood most of us are dehydrated and without being adequately hydrated our cells are under stress, so we are under stress. I can give you lots of tips on what to drink, when to drink it and how to remember to drink it!. Diet plans are individualised and will be for what your body needs right now, taking you tastes, time restrictions, motivation and kitchen skills into consideration.

At this meeting I will give you a guideline of how many more times we may need to meet but it will also depend on your progress. As a guideline most people benefit from meeting between 3-6 times and for some people that maybe every month. Others benefit from longer gaps to take the time to implement the new changes into their lifestyle.

When we next meet we move onto Stage 2 where I look at your essential fatty acid balance, common symptoms of deficiencies her are: weight gain, inflammation, deteriorating memory, dry skin, hormonal imbalance and more. So at this stage I will recommend the best sources and quantities for what your body needs, taking into consideration the health of your liver as well.

Next is stage 3 where we discuss supplements that will enhance your energy, rebalance your hormones and treat any other deficiencies, if they are required. I will also explain different cleansing techniques that help bring movement to your body to detox if you would benefit from this.

I’ve found out quickly through working with my Clients that sometimes change can be difficult to stick to. It’s because our lives are so busy these days, a day can turn into a week and you haven’t got round to doing what you meant to. So I’ve created an accountability programme which means you have the chance to ask any questions that may have come up for you, you feel supported and of course you don’t want to tell someone that you haven’t done what you committed to. My accountability programme is built into my 12 week programme The Exhausted to Energised Method.

If you are ready to start improving your health and your energy to start living the life you really want, then get in touch today. Drop me an email hannah@thenourishedbody.co.uk or drop me a message on social @thenourishedbodyuk

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