Laura overcame long COVID symptoms

Helen reduced severe bloating

Catherine overcame palpitations, shaking and low energy

Anita eliminated headaches and migraines

Mel learnt how to control her energy around 3 Kids and a busy career

Anna a Single Mum had daily reflex and high anxiety

Colette reduced heavy periods, monthly headaches and low energy in 12 weeks

Katherine a busy entrepreneur was constantly exhausted and scared to sit down incase she fell asleep

Polly had insomnia, anxiety and depression as well as exhaustion which made getting through each day a huge struggle

Hannah suffered from crippling exhaustion and PMT symptoms for two weeks of every four

Kathryn had MS, IBS and Gilberts syndrome and which left her tired all of the time

Ashleigh a very busy Mum of 3 who was dead on her feet, zero energy, digestion problems and reflux

Anna needed more energy with two young boys and wanted to balance her hormones