Seasonal foods for Autumn

If you suffer from IBS, asthma, a reoccurring cough, a skin condition such as eczema or any mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression then autumn is the perfect time for you to address your health challenges, instead of living with the same pain or problems that you may have had for years.

Autumn is the metal season in traditional Chinese medicine and all of these conditions are linked to the organs we should focus on at this time of year, the skin, colon, lungs and mind/brain. As it’s the start of the darker months it’s a time to focus on projects of the family and home. A time to meditate and to tap into your intuition.

To focus on these organs start adding in more white foods like coconut, pears, apples, turnips, parsnips, celeriac, cauliflower, horseradish and radish to your diet. Along with spicy flavours, like golden turmeric lattes, cinnamon on your porridge and chilli sprinkled on dishes to spice them up.

Love your gut with fermented foods, probiotic’s and linseeds. If you are feeling brave how about an enema, colonic or a colon cleanse to really remove toxins and sluggishness from the colon. Blessed Herbs have a colon cleanse that you can do at home and it removes mucoid plaque from your colon, leaving you better able to absorb vitamins and minerals again after. If you prefer to follow your own cleanse then download my FREE guide on how to do an Autumn or Winter cleanse, just message me on social @thenourishedbodyuk or drop me an email

It’s really important that we eat seasonally to help us live in harmony with our surroundings each season and be kind to our planet. Seasonal food is also of a higher nutritional value because it’s quicker to your plate and it’s cheaper too.

Information is never enough though, to see change you have to take action. So write out a list of the seasonal white foods for autumn that you enjoy and add your favourite spices to that list too. Then plan your menu over the coming weeks around these seasonal foods that support your lungs, colon, skin and mind. Seasonal eating won’t just happen by itself and 20 minutes spent planning will serve you so well.

How about roasting cauliflower with cumin or adding chilli and some other favourite spices to a parsnip soup? Enjoy cosying up this Autumn and Winter and don’t forget to grab your FREE cleanse, you can do that inside my free facebook group, fight fatigure, stress and overwhelm naturally.

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