Nutrition Private Coaching

Ready to take control of your health? 


This is the best way to work with me 

the way all of my Clients have had the most success

Investment £595 

Whether you are exhausted or ill, I want to help you heal your health.

When you learn to fuel your body in the way it needs, you learn to tune into what your body is telling you.  You will know when you need to slow down, when you need to move, when you need to switch off and only then then your body will be back in balance. 

I have found the most success comes from talking with my Clients weekly for six months.  That may sound a lot but any less frequently and things pop up, a Wedding here, a holiday there, a busy work week or family demands.  These can all derail your intended efforts.

When we chat weekly, you will take your changes in such micro steps, balancing them around your schedule that it's much easier to achieve.  

If there are any hiccups along the way then you will quickly get back on track because we can discuss what needs to change and adjust again.


It's also part of the journey to make an investment into your health financially for you take take it seriously.  You may have experience signing up to something fairly low cost and then not following through?


This IS the time that change is going to work, why?

  • You are making an investment in you

  • You have 1-2-1 support 

  • We look at your goals and work towards them

  • If the initial enthusiasm wears off we introduce new techniques to focus the mind 

  • We balance deficiencies so you won't feel cravings

  • You will feel so good you won't want to go back to the old you

How we can work together

Video calls

Location isn't a problem when we can connect through technology.

Face to face

If you prefer to meet in person.

Office location

If you prefer in person meet me at my office in Kent


You'd like to chat before embarking on a programme?

No problem....let's check we are a good fit


No charge, no obligation, just a chat

Don't need a 6 month plan?

  • If you have seen me before and this is a follow up

  • You don't have major health problems and just need a refinement

  • You want to improve your already fairly healthy routine

  • You want to learn how to eat plant based or balance the plant based diet you already follow

  • You would like to book a consultation for a Child