I’m bored of hearing I should drink more water

This is how I used to feel, can anyone resonate?

I’ll be honest I’ve probably never drunk enough water. I just found it cold, bland and I needed a wee all of the time. I didn’t see other people running to the toilet after every drink they had. So I slipped into a habit of mostly herbal tea’s, some black tea and coffee. Wine, of course, cocktails; hell yes!!! I’ve never been one for fizzy drinks, thank goodness, just plain water really, not a lot, a few glasses a day at the most. Yes, sometimes I would feel thirsty but I’d often keep myself so busy, I would just work through that or make a herbal tea that I would then forget to drink.

So, when I started to get more healthy, and was working out quite a bit; I was on a mission to cure my back-pain. I’d often say to a therapist; sports massage for example, “I’m doing everything right but I just don’t drink enough water”. I knew it, I just couldn’t change it.

Oh my goodness; what I know now. Probably most of my illnesses started at dehydration. Most do.

What do we need to live in order of importance:

1/ oxygen – check…do that without thinking – bonus!

2/ water – that’s right it’s the second most important thing and we can only live a matter of days without it. A lot of hospital admissions go straight on a saline drip – right?!

OMG wake up – drink more water

There is so much to consider to get our water intake right but as it’s so vitally important, if you can pay attention to this in your life, I promise, you will reep the rewards.

Tap water is better than no water at all

  • Quantity – Drink enough, around 4 pints a day or your weight in KG X 0.033. This is a rough guide and other factors can come into play, for example exercise. If your pee is clear though (throughout the day, not first thing), that’s a great guide. ​
  • Quality – this is important. If you are having a lot of something, you don’t want a lot of chemicals. Tap water is better than nothing but the next step is boiled with lemon, then a simple filter, then bottled (but there is an environmental impact to consider and negative estrogen’s from plastic use long term) then a mega filter like a reverse osmosis or whole house system, finally direct from a spring is best (no joke, yes, some people make weekly journeys for this), just move along these suggested improvements over time. What is the PH balance of your water? We heal best when we are alkaline so acidic water can have a big effect on your overall health, test for a level of 7 or above (check the label on your bottled water too)
  • What is dehydrating you? Do you eat a diet full of fruits and vegetables?, these all need water to grow so are water rich. Processed foods that are full of processed salts and dried foods are all dehydrating. As is coffee, tea and alcohol; you already know that, right? So is central heating/air conditioning, flying, WIFI, smoking/drugs, night-work, high stress levels and even some supplements. All of these factors can mean you need even more water.
  • Other factors – you really start to learn about this when you study nutrition but even when you are drinking enough you can STILL be dehydrated if you are low of essential fatty acids (most people in the UK are) and/or you have not got the right electrolyte balance. Then the water simply cannot absorb into your cells and that’s why I constantly needed a wee everytime I had a drink. My magnesium and essential fatty acids were low and it was like watering a dried up plant – it went straight through – it didn’t absorb at all. In fact, I probably wasn’t wanting to drink as I intrinsically knew it was diluting my electrolytes even further.

Did you know that you won’t see the full benefit of most therapies and supplements, or your own energy levels, if you aren’t fully hydrated.

My personal tips for drinking enough

Drink a pint (ideally warm with lemon) as soon as you wake, your body needs it. If you like cold drink’s mostly, fill a 2L bottle of water each morning and drink only from that (even if you pour it into another glass), this way you can keep a close eye on what you have drunk and what is left.

If you prefer mostly hot drinks, measure out how many ml is in your usual cup and then divide this figure by 2000ml, so my cup holds 300ml meaning I need (rounding it up) 7 of these a day.

So in summary, yes, please do drink more water but check the quality of that water too. If you think you could be low on essential fatty acids (dry skin or you just know you don’t get any), or maybe your electrolyte balance is out too (do you get achy or twitching muscles?), then work with a local nutritionist who will help you balance this.

Drinking more water gives you more energy, can help clear headaches and bad skin, can resolve dry lips and eyes and help to resolve many, many health complaints.

Wishing you heath and happiness

Hannah x

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