How to NOT get ill this Christmas

I’m writing this from the comfort of my kitchen with my heating on, it’s a cold wet day outside and you can feel the Winter solstice isn’t far away. This year it will arrive on Friday 21st December and it’s known as the shortest day or mid-winter.

There is so much to enjoy about this time of year if we aren’t too frantic with preparations for Christmas and the celebrations leading up to it. Nature shows us that Winter is a time for slowing down, drawing our attention within, nourishing ourselves, reflecting back over the past year. Time off work may allow us to spend time with family and friends or time alone so we don’t exhaust ourselves.

Here’s how to nourish your body December through to March:

Chinese medicine teaches us that it’s time to look at supporting the kidneys and bladder. Without that care we may notice problems in these areas like bladder infections or fatigue from the adrenals which are closely linked to the kidneys.

A wonderful way to do this is to eat an abundance of blue, black and purple foods. Things like black rice, beetroot, cranberries, pomegranate, purple sprouting broccoli, black sesame seeds, berries and seaweeds are particularly beneficial due to their salty nature which helps to support the kidneys.

We can never ignore the importance of hydration for the body but in particular the kidneys. Keep sipping warm water though-out the day in these colder months.

Don’t forget to keep your vitamin C still topped up, rosehip and elderberry are good local sources or keep your vitamin C supplement going.

We also need lots of vitamin D at this time of the year when we get so little sun, mostly we need to supplement, look for a D3 at least 1000iu.

Rest when you need to rest, sleep earlier, eater lighter especially if the sun has already gone down.

It’s vital we tune into the seasons to help to maintain our energy levels without reaching burnout or exhaustion and so much more enjoyable when we do.

If you want to feel you best throughout December, here I have a 12 day exercise running, from 13-24th Jan. In just 2 minutes a day you can help maintain your health in the business season of all.

Come January if you are feeling less than happy with your body because of the Christmas indulgences, please don’t diet in January. You may have experienced that it leaves you miserable and is usually difficult to stick to, that’s just because mid Winter is just not the time to be depriving yourself.

I’ve written a completely FREE guide for a reset plan that you can follow, if you feel that you just need to bring a bit of balance back or ‘beat the bloat’. You can do it over just a few days or up to 5 days and it should be enjoyable and leave you feeling refreshed and energised. Sign up for your FREE guide here

I’ll be supporting you if you want to join us from 7th-11th January in my free Facebook group ‘support for good heath’

In the meantime, enjoy December, Christmas and all that the New Year brings you.

Hannah x

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