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Online membership

For women who want to make self care part of their regular routine using holistic tools to reduce anxiety and improve mental health and wellbeing.

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Live classes & workshops

Twice weekly live yoga classes and workshops to release tension from your body & mind.

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Weekly pranayama

The breath is one of the best tools we have to reduce anxiety naturally.

We have a weekly focus to optimise your breath.

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Nutrition for mental health 

Join us for seasonal workshops, monthly menu plans & weekly Q&A sessions to help you heal naturally with nutrition.


Connect with nature 

If the moon is powerful enough to effects the tides, then it also effects our cellular bodies. Tune in with full and new moon ceromony's.

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Develop your spirituality

Release fear and worry by connecting with the highest version of you. Join us for monthly workshops like journalling.

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Sarah King

Yoga teacher, massage therapist, reiki practitioner and nature lover.

Sarah has overcome depression, self harm and severe anxiety holistically.

Sister to Hannah and advocate of natural wellness.

yoga-Hannah Carr- Nutritionist - Stress

Hannah Carr

Nutritionist, yoga teacher and mother.

Hannah has overcome constant fatigue, stress and overwhelm.

Sister to Sarah and women's health advocate.

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Join the inner circle

For support, growth and community.