Dec 6 2017

Cancel the diet this January

Winter, it’s a time for cosying up in front of fires, going on long walks, spending time with loved ones. It’s also an important time to rest, reflect, be quiet, become more withdrawn and to get more sleep. All to replenish ourself ahead of the higher energy times of Spring and Summer. Looking at the…

Nov 23 2017

Easy fixes to improve mental health….and it involves eating

Sanctus are trying to change the perception of mental health, they want us to start thinking about our mental health in the same way we think of our physical health, where we take care of it regularly. Mental health is one of those things that we don’t like talking about and it’s time a light…

Sep 21 2017

I’m bored of hearing I should drink more water

This is how I used to feel, can anyone resonate? I’ll be honest I’ve probably never drunk enough water. I just found it cold, bland and I needed a wee all of the time. I didn’t see other people running to the toilet after every drink they had. So I slipped into a habit of…