Chocolate obsessed

We are sure lots of our fellow soul sisters feel the same, it's not an unusual obsession.

​These day's though we have upgraded and only the best will do.

​Introducing ceremonial grade cacao


Is a gathering of like minded souls to enjoy a ceremonial dose of cacao along with (in our case) seated movement, meditation, breathwork and journalling.

It will allow you a deep time to relax in a safe space, time we rarely have.

Cacao is a heart opening plant medicine and she will allow you to release what's holding you back or bring you clarity.

The effect of every ceremony is different and sometimes you notice huge shifts and other times it's just a wonderfully relaxing experience.

​Ceremonies can be held online or in person.

​Next ceremony is in person 29th May & 26th June



For your own personal ceremony as an individual, as a couple, group or team please contact us for more information.


I've noticed after only 5 days of using cacao that my skin is clear and my rosacea is reduced, this is a big difference to last month


My sugar and coffee cravings have disappeared along with my PMT and it's so darned satisfying


I tried a 'normal' hot chocolate after using Keith's cacao. Well...it was disgusting. I'm now treating myself to the best chocolate ever. It's cacao all the way here!