Why you need to invest in your health (even when you think you can't afford it)

If this title resonates with you, take time to read this whole blog post. I want to share an experience with you, that could help you change your mindset. I struggled for so many years with my health, I struggled before I even knew I was struggling. You know what I mean, when you think what you feel is normal!. In my younger years that was migraines, bad skin, constipation and probably if I'm really honest with myself some mental health challenges mildly like OCD. Then in my 20's came the bad back, I'm talking about my lower back, I felt like I needed to bend forward ALL the time to release it, I was in pain a lot. Colds I couldn't shake off, reoccurring ulcers and thrush. Then once I ha

Toxins and your health

Do you suffer from low energy, a skin complaint or maybe menstrual problems like heavy periods, fibroids, endometriosis or PMS find out how chemical toxins maybe contributing and what you can do about it. Today let's talk toxin's and before I go any further let's understand what that even means, well it's usually a substance from a plant or animal that can harm the human body. Most people agree that toxins are something our body naturally eliminates and therefore needing to 'detox' is a myth. Here's a simple list of some of the ways you will be taking toxin's into your body by breathing, ingesting or absorbing: Tap water Air - pollution Food - pesticides Plastic - coffee lid, microwave food

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