5 Natural Ways to Deal with Bloating

Do you ever feel a bit “overextended” in the belly after a meal? Perhaps “gassy?” Have you ever carried a “food baby?” Well, bloating is common. Up to 25-30% of people experience it regularly. It happens when you have trouble digesting. The symptoms come from excess gas, reactions to foods, or food not moving through you as well as it could. I've noticed myself that I experience more of this as I've aged and my Clients tell me they feel the same way. There are many reasons you might experience these symptoms. Maybe because of a serious condition (disease), or a food allergy or intolerance (what you eat). It can also result from how you eat. If you have a serious digestive issue like IBS (Irr

Seasonal foods for Autumn

If you suffer from IBS, asthma, a reoccurring cough, a skin condition such as eczema or any mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression then autumn is the perfect time for you to address your health challenges, instead of living with the same pain or problems that you may have had for years. Autumn is the metal season in traditional Chinese medicine and all of these conditions are linked to the organs we should focus on at this time of year, the skin, colon, lungs and mind/brain. As it's the start of the darker months it's a time to focus on projects of the family and home. A time to meditate and to tap into your intuition. To focus on these organs start adding in more white food

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