Chia and nut breakfast pot

One of my favourite starts to the day that keeps me powered for hours and if quick and simple to make the night before: Serves 3-4 Nuts 160g (I normally use 120g cashew and 40g almond) Plant based milk 500ml (I like Rude Health almond milk) 30g chia seeds optional 1/2 tsp vanilla extract optional sweetener like maple syrup (personally I don't) Pinch of pink salt Flavour: so many possible combinations above is wonderful for summer, slices of Kiwi and cherries with coconut yogurt. Frozen raspberries are delicious blended throughout or any other fruit. 1tsp of cinnamon and grated nutmeg in winter and you can warm the breakfast slightly to take the chill off. 1 tbsp of cacao for a lovely chocol

De-stress (adrenal) smoothie

This is THE smoothie that helped me feel better quickly during my adrenal fatigue. It's not my favourite ever tasing smoothie but I was totally willing to overlook that in exchange for feeling better. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Handful of blueberries (frozen is fine) 1cm piece of fresh ginger Handful of spinach 1 tsp of maca powder 1 cooled cup of green tea or nettle tea Pinch of pink salt 1/2 avocado Blend and drink immediately. Tip, sometimes I left out the avocado and ate it afterwards as I was so sorry to blend it up as I love them so much. This is just a picture if A green smoothie, not the above recipe :)

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