Say 'yes' to the right salt

Sometimes health advice is full of contradictions isn't it? I want to talk about why salt is essential to your health, how much you should be having and why we have all been told to cut back on it for so many years. The cells in our body need water, essential fatty acid's and the correct ratio of sodium/calcium and potassium/magnesium. So sodium (which is mainly found in salt) along with other electrolytes help us to maintain a proper fluid balance in the body. It is also needed to transmit nerve impulses and contract and relax muscle fibers (including those in the heart and blood vessels). Too much sodium does cause ache's and pains (which can lead to many further health complications lik

Why are you ill?

Plants are amazing, you just look at a plate of colourful vegetables and it just looks so appealing and beautiful. The vast array of vitamins and minerals that we need are all provided for us by nature in the most delicious and convenient form. I grew up on a standard British diet, sausage and mash, shepherds pie, fish and chips all served along with vegetables but we didn't have vegetables as the main dish. I even went on a Paleo diet for a while (simple explanation is a grain free diet) so you eat loads of vegetables and also lots of high quality meat. I looked good on this diet but I didn't feel good. It's only since I started to study nutrition that I found plant-based eating is the q

Are you sure onions and garlic are good for you?

Isn't it so annoying when you you have been eating something your whole life, you enjoy it and you truly believe it's good for you and then you find out it's not? Case example, milk!!! I'm a foodie and I put onion's and garlic in every dish, come's the base of all the classic's, spag bowl, curries, shepard's pie.....I can't even think of many dishes it's not in and hummus don't get me started on that I LOVE IT. So when it was first presented to me that maybe I shouldn't be eating it, I was damn right furious. I already eat healthily, don't now take away the flavour sensations that lift every dish. What about eating out?, it would be impossible to avoid. I am open minded though and w

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