I'm bored of hearing I should drink more water

This is how I used to feel, can anyone resonate? I'll be honest I've probably never drunk enough water. I just found it cold, bland and I needed a wee all of the time. I didn't see other people running to the toilet after every drink they had. So I slipped into a habit of mostly herbal tea's, some black tea and coffee. Wine, of course, cocktails; hell yes!!! I've never been one for fizzy drinks, thank goodness, just plain water really, not a lot, a few glasses a day at the most. Yes, sometimes I would feel thirsty but I'd often keep myself so busy, I would just work through that or make a herbal tea that I would then forget to drink. So, when I started to get more healthy, and was worki

Are you tired all of the time?

Having personally suffered from adrenal fatigue and not even knowing what it was before my diagnosis I'd like to share with you the information I now know. I believe that we experience things for a reason and maybe one of my reasons was to help others. I think that's a positive way to look at it anyway and it would be my pleasure to help you. What are your adrenal glands and what do they do? Your adrenal glands sit just above your kidneys and have a strong influence on them. They are responsible for producing adrenaline when we need it, this works by slowing down digestion, increasing awareness and diverting blood to areas like our brain and muscles. This is the typical fight or flight r

My story

Find out what health challenges I've managed to overcome by transforming my diet and lifestyle, can you resonate?

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